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          Welcome to the official site of Under.me! Under.me is an online clothing company that carries both men's and women's underwear and swimwear. Offering the most up to date styles and brands, Under.me strives to bring out the natural beauty in all. We believe confidence comes from underneath! Under.me is inspired by a love for lingerie and the desire to bring natural beauty to its users.

           Under.me is a sum of passions and beliefs. By combining beautifully designed garments, hint of a rebellious and sexy side, with a simple want of feeling happy day by day, Under.me provides top-quality undergarments for everyday wear. Starting from the base layer, Under.me feels your choice of lingerie and swimwear is an important decision as it just happens to be located so close to your heart. Under.me does not hope to create falsehoods of your natural and beautiful figure, rather we just hope to complement it and make you feel beautiful inside and out. 

          With the top quality fabrics, a big range of colors and styles, and customizable sizes and adjustments, Under.me strives to fit your body! Our goal here is not only to make you feel and look sexy but to love your body and learn how to compliment your own figure. Through our constantly updating online blog with some of the greatest fashion tips and tricks out there, we hope to guide you on a fun-filled journey of how to look and feel great.

          Under.me only chooses high-quality styles and brands that can last through the numerous washes and still have the beautiful shine and comfortable feel to them. Therefore, purchases at Under.me are guaranteed to last a long time!

          Whether you like to show a little more skin in sexy lingerie or look for only more support and full coverage lingerie, Under.me carries lingerie styles suitable to all desires. Additionally, we love customer feedback. So if you feel as though we're missing some crucial aspect of lingerie or swimwear or something more specific that you desire, we'd love to hear from you. Email us anytime at marketing@under.me 

           So live a little! Dance around in those sexy and beautiful lingerie pieces and just laugh! Be yourself and feel good. And remember, confidence comes from underneath!

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