What Your Bra Says About You

Posted on 27 July 2016

Clothes can say a lot about your personality. The outfit you wear can make or break something as serious as a job interview, as flirty as a first date, or even as basic as any first impression. Once you peel away those layers, it's what's underneath that matters the most.

What Makes the Bra so Important?

For starters, it's the first thing you whip on in the morning. Second, it's the closest thing to your heart. This is no accident.

You think the lingerie you grab from your wardrobe while getting ready in panic mode in the morning or the intimates you constantly gravitate towards when browsing through a lingerie store are random? I can tell you right now there is reason and justification behind it all.

First things first:

Hate to tell you this right off the bat, but your first bra already determined your fate. No point even attempting to change it because the power of the bra is too strong of a force. Okay, maybe I'm being a little over dramatic here. Just as you transform from a young girl into a woman, your bra also changes. You can change bra sizes, bra styles, and so much more. Who remembers going from that training bra to a sexy black lace bra? How about buying your first ever push-up bra to help lift those cup size AA's?

My Point:

Your bra is with you at almost every stage of your life. Let's learn what each one says about you!

Push-Up Bra
: You love taking control of situations. You're a true leader and often take charge of group situations. Yes, of course you hold the reins on how much cleavage you choose to show, but you also try to oversee and strategize over every aspect of your life, leaving minimal room for the element of surprise. The extra padding and adjustable straps ultimately giving your boobs that extra lift, help you feel in control of your body. You know what you want and how to get it. Be sure not to be too bossy or dominant but alternatively to let others take control once in a while.

Front Hook Bra: You really do value convenience and ease of access (even for your boobs). You often choose the easy way out and the least difficult tasks so you can spend more time on what you enjoy most. Less challenge the better. You hate to admit it, but you're lazy; you refuse to even reach up your back and unclip the bra hook…just takes too much energy out of you. The fact that your lingerie is so easy to un-fasten, displays your low maintenance personality.

Sports Bra: Yoga? Basketball? Kickboxing? What will it be today? This intimate shows your athletic yet chic side. You're active and healthy,  and constantly looking for the next best fitness plan. You are every girl's motivation, fitsporation, and life goal, but you don't know it. You're eager to hear constructive criticism and always trying to improve your game, whether its athletics or dating. You're always striving to be the best and sometimes even consider bending the rules.

Convertible Bra: Always looking to keep your options open (makes it convenient that you have adjustable straps and detachable straps), you're very indecisive. You find it hard to make a plan and stick with it. Always improvising along the way, you constantly put yourself last in many situations. Super flexible in almost all situations, make sure you don’t get stepped on. Try and take charge for once, in life or in a relationship.

No Bra: No more nonsense. You allow your babies to fly free- no straps, no cups, no underwire, rather free as a bird. You are your own person. No one can tell you what to do or how to act. You follow your own rules and live on the edge. People admire your adventurous personality and willingness to try new things. Some people may think you're a bit crazy or have an attitude problem, but really it's just your inner confidence and free spirit shining through. If you are confident enough to go braless, then you won't let what others say affect you.

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