What Lingerie is Acceptable to Wear on the First Date

Posted on 18 July 2016

So… rumor has it you have a date tonight. Dating is fun because it's filled with unexpected events and surprises. You really never know what's going to happen. Maybe he's going to be the "perfect" guy and sweep you off your feet? Date one can lead into marriage, which can lead to kids, and living happily ever after. Okay…maybe we're getting a bit too ahead of ourselves, but it is possible to live the fairytale. Or maybe he's going to be "that" guy who splits the check at dinner.

3Women's FashionWhatever the case, it's important to be prepared for all of the possibilities. Whether the date seems magical or super ordinary, wearing the correct lingerie on the first date is crucial on so many levels. While personality and conversation can help guide a date in a specific direction, appearance always plays a huge role no matter what. It takes less than a tenth of a second to form a lasting impression based solely on someone's looks.

Women can spend hours upon hours deciding what to wear, running in and out of the closet, but the real trouble comes when deciding what lingerie to wear. With the endless options of styles and brands out there, this decision can become super stressful without the appropriate guidance.

Reason #1: Certainty

Wearing the right lingerie, whether it's bras, panties, underwear, or hosiery, will greatly enhance your self-confidence and self-image for the date. Even if you never get undressed, wearing the right lingerie has proven to make women sit taller, carry themselves more gracefully, and smile just a bit wider.

Reason #2: The Uncertainty

Who really knows where the date might lead. If you do end up going back to his place, and getting under the sheets, the lingerie you've chosen to wear says a lot about you. You want him to be able to look at you and see a true sexy, natural, beautiful, and confident woman. With the right lingerie, he won't be able to get his hands off you!

How to plan appropriately:

I'm no love guru, but I do strive to give you my most helpful tips and advice that will make you feel as attractive as possible, and him, screaming for more. Choosing appropriate lingerie can actually be quite tricky. On one hand, you don't want to look too eager, and that you wanted him to get a sneak peek on the first date, but, on the other hand, you don't want be anxious the whole date, wishing you don't get the invite over because you're wearing the wrong undergarments.

Natural Gravitation

The most common look: black lace. Push-up bras, thongs, bodysuits, stockings, everything is made in black lace. It is the practical sexy look. You may not know this, but black lace is not always a safe bet, as it can come off as either classy or cheap. The line between the two can often times be unclear, proving black lace lingerie to be a dangerous territory. Some men will automatically love it and not think twice, however, others will see this as a planned scheme to get in their pants.


Matching lingerie is most essential

Colored pieces, striking patterns, and cute little bows are great turn-ons and ways to show your more flirty side

Dress for the occasion

Comfort is key. Even wear it around the house first if you have to.

Elegant Evening

Day Date


Linen, Silk

Cotton, Spandex


Navy, Black, Silver, White

Anything Bright and Fun


Dating is no science, and I can't guarantee you'll get your man from using these tips, but I can say that there's nothing sexier than a woman glowing with self-confidence stemming from underneath- Under.me

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