How to Buy Lingerie as a Gift

Posted on 08 August 2016

I think us ladies can all agree that lingerie is one of the greatest gifts of all. Birthday, holiday, anniversary, you name it. Sitting with your eyes closed on the couch, arms outstretched in front of you, and palms open facing the ceiling, just waiting for that special present you've always been dreaming about. Unwrapping boxes and ripping off ribbons to unfold that sexy lingerie set is life changing. Every time I think it makes me a happier person. Could be a lace bra, pair of panties, babydoll dress, or set of sheer hosiery, I think we're easy to please.

But for the gift getter, this is no easy task. With so many lingerie styles and brands out there with a whole range of prices, it's no one-step project. Follow the guide below for the best tips and tricks to choose the perfect lingerie for that special woman.



Get the bra size: Either scramble through her wardrobe or check next time you help her unhook her bra.

Get the bra style: Push-up bra? Racerback bra? Multi-way? Strapless? Okay…I got it this time, it's a Demi-cup white lacy bra? No point in guessing. One bra just isn't like any other. Some bras are fit for some women, while others are not. Smaller busts may require a triangle bikini bra or brallette while a larger bust may require a balconette bra, providing more support and structure, while still showing some cleavage.

Fun time…Pick the color: No red! Red screams ordinary, and maybe even a bit promiscuous. You want to make this lucky girl feel one of a kind and super sexy. You may find this hard to believe, but there is a whole set of colors out there for you to choose from in as many lingerie styles as you can possibly come up with. Almost any color in the rainbow and more! That’s not even including all the fun floral prints, stripes, and animal prints out there. Cheetah bra or floral chemise…what will it be?

Feel free to play it safe and purchase black lingerie. While it is more of a safe bet, black lingerie will forever remain sexy and seductive. While red runs the chances of being perceived as sex animal or slutty, black remains classy and simply sophisticated. You want this woman to wear and love this lingerie so it's important to pick wisely.

Lingerie comes in many styles. Bras, panties, merrywiddows, bodysuits, so be sure to choose something that will provide an unexpected surprise.

Last, you know her best. You know her body shape and likes and dislikes. As long as you get that proper bra size, you're left with your gut and instinct to lead you in the right direction.

Oh and almost forgot, the last step. Don't forget to include the receipt so if in case this guide didn't work for you, and your woman is not satisfied, she can return it for something more her style. The main goal of this gift is to make her happy. So it's crucial to include a return option just in case!

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