How to Pick the Best Bra

Posted on 25 June 2016

Picking the right bra is a skill. It's not something every girl is born with unfortunately. So many styles and brands to choose from! Strapless, backless, wireless? Lined, unlined, push-up? It can surely get overwhelming for us ladies being swarmed with the endless amounts of options.

Whether you're looking for proper support, a little lift here and there, just to make you feel sexy, or all of the above, various steps must be taken carefully to ensure optimal results.

Let's start our journey:


First stop: Bra Fitting

Take a trip to a lingerie store and ask for a professional bra size fitting. Sometimes getting expert advice can make all the difference! Try not to be so embarrassed here; we're only at stop #1.

Next, time to travel back home. It's not just about what the expert says about your bra size, but it's important to take measurements yourself too!

How to measure yourself:


Bra size calculator

Materials needed: soft tape measure

Step #1: Stand straight and breathe normally. Stand with great posture…don't worry, it won't last long, and then you can relax.


Step #2: Take a soft tape measure and measure all the way around your body making sure the tape is measuring right underneath your breasts


Step #3: If you're even, add four, if you're odd, add five… Congrats! That’s your proper band size


Step #4: Now, measure again, but this time, right across your breasts. It's time to get that cup size.


Step #5: Subtract your band size from that number and you now have your appropriate bra cup size, using the following bra size chart below:









While now you might feel like the queen of the world, having mastered your own bra size, a skill that many women around the world lack, you're not quite there yet. The hardest part comes next.


Making sure it fits.

How do you know if your bra fits? Too big? Too small? How is it even supposed to fit honestly?

Every bra is slightly different from the next, so it's important to be able to judge which bra fits right, and which one is meant to be put back on the hanger.


So…What are the tricks to knowing?


-The band should be on the loosest hook, so when it does stretch, you can tighten it

-When looking from a side view in the mirror, the back of the bra should rest comfortably in the middle of your back, and not be slowly inching up


Now, we have finally come to the end of our journey. Time to say goodbye! Just remember, purchasing the right bra can truly change your quality of life for the better. As always says, confidence comes from underneath.

My work here is done and you have officially mastered the art of bra picking. Wasn’t so bad after all.


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