Even I Had Insecurities

Posted on 13 July 2016


It would be a lie to say I grew up without ever having any insecurities about my body. I come out and say this to you because it's not a bad thing at all. In fact, it actually helped me grow as a person.


Growing Up

There reached a point when all the girl's bodies around me started changing. Growing hips, butts, and boobs. Me on the other hand, I was still flat as a board. I couldn't understand why. I tried all these myths I read online to help speed up the process, like eating certain foods and engaging in special exercises, but to no surprise, nothing worked. I thought I was doomed forever and stuck in a 10 year olds body.


The worst: Beachwear Shopping

Even though I loved the heat and the sun, I hated wearing a swimsuit in public. So summer, vacations, and swimming, were always stressful times for me. Even just the thought of swimsuit shopping frustrated me more than anything! Bikinis, one pieces, tankinis, they all looked horrible and unflattering. If it fit, I bought it, regardless of how it attractive it was. The faster I escaped those swimwear stores, the better!


Option #1: Hide it

So what could I do? Try and hide it? Been there done that. Swimsuit cover-ups and lose tanks. Just wasn't all that enjoyable in the hot sun. But those just made me feel even worse because I felt different.

Don't worry, the story takes a turn from here.


Option #2: Fake it

I could wear cupped and push-up style bikini tops with extra padding, but those just looked stupid because no way was I filling those out properly.


Option #3: The List

After thinking long and hard about the advantages of those more developed girl's body shapes, I started to come up with a list for my own body type.



Once I started to accept and embrace my body for how it was, I was able to more easily find clothes that flattered my figure and accentuated the proper areas. I even realized how many feminine fashion styles I could wear, that these curvier girls couldn't.


So What?

All I'm trying to say here, is there's no perfect body, and there's no point wishing you could wear someone else's. I'm sorry but that's just not gonna happen. Instead, try to look at the positives. Whether you're more pear, curvy, straight, or even flat chested, there's proper cuts and styles out there for everyone if you just open your eyes to them.

I don't want to lie to you and say I'm never jealous of how string bikinis or tight black dresses look on these curvier shaped women, but I will tell you that I am generally content with my body shape and wouldn't trade it in for anything.



For all you flat chested girls out there, if you've ever felt discouraged about your lack of cleavage, you are most definitely not alone. I've tried on numerous tight shirts and formfitting dresses and thought, if only I could fill this one out. Try to think of your flat chest as a blank canvas, with endless options of how to dress it up! Read some of the stylish fashion tips below and see what works for you!

-Low cut dresses for evening wear

-Lace up detailing in the front

-Bring on the frills

-Get away with backless and braless

-And when it comes to swimwear, halter and triangle are your best bet. Try and stay away from bandeau and bra cup/push-up style bikinis as they tend to draw unnecessary attention to those areas


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